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Generations of Trust & Integrity
Drakeley Real Estate is a family-run business that was founded in 1986. 
Located in Litchfield County, the Drakeley agents service home buyers’ and sellers’ needs throughout the state of Connecticut. For over 35 years, the Drakeleys have been active members of the local community and have developed a great reputation throughout the area.

Businesswoman and entrepreneur Joyce S. Drakeley founded Drakeley Real Estate on the principle that Drakeley agents will always treat people with honesty and integrity, and now, her son Tim Drakeley carries on that same tradition. Drakeley agents believe in creating close relationships with their respective clients throughout the entirety of the client's time working with Drakeley Real Estate in order to create a forum of trust and communication. These relationships continue past the closing date, as Drakeley agents host social events with current and past clients, as well as continually make their presence felt throughout their respective communities. Drakeley agents not only strive to be the agent that brings you your new home, but they also pride themselves on being the person who coaches your child, supports your local schools, and takes on an active role in local government.


Generations of Trust & Integrity
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